Global interdependence has created an unprecedented need for better communication between individuals of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

The Tirana Training Center of Tirana, Albania, has chosen to help meet that need by committing its talents and energies to providing intensive language instruction, academic preparation, and cross-cultural training to children and adults; further, our program is committed to promoting enhanced learning and higher order thinking skills to empower both young students and the mature to succeed in academic, professional, and personal realms. By striving to play its small role well, TTC believes it can improve communications between people by helping to bridge those precious differences within the international community.


Fitore Beci

General Director

A native of Tirana, she has devoted her career of 27 years to the facilitation…

Kimberly Ann Nath

English Teacher

Kimberly Nath is an American who started working at Tirana Training Center this…

Susan Delacroix

English Teacher

Miss Delacroix, as her young students know her, admits to having done just…

Adam Smith

Teacher of General English, IELTS, GMAT, and Math courses in English

Mr. Smith has been teaching at Tirana Training Center for…

Sam Abulibdeh

Business English Professional

Sam is a corporate education trainer from Toronto, Canada, with over 7 years in…

Cosmo Kay

English Teacher

Mr. Cosmo started teaching English since his early age in South America…

Grace Whitmore

English Teacher

Ms. Whitmore is originally from the United States where she earned her BA in…

Matthew Mullins

English Teacher

2019 is Mr. Mullins’ first year teaching at Tirana Training Center. He is from…

Tabea Behnke

German Teacher

Tabea has finished her BA in intercultural studies at the European Theological…

Lisena Gjini

Admin Assistant

Lisena joined the TTC staff as an administrative assistant in the spring of 2017, to the…

Erla Kruja

Admin Assistant

Erla has been with TTC from its very beginnings, and is the school’s lead…

Edenja Beci

Assistant Manager

Edenja is a full time student majoring in Business Administration…

Staff Through Years

Patricia R. Love

Teacher of Academic English

Ms. Love is a career educator from Bay Village, Ohio, USA. She is a Fulbright Scholar who…

Alison Kotroci

English teacher

Mrs. Kotroci is originally from England, and holds a BSc in Geology and Geophysics…

Kathryn Hargreaves

English and French teacher

Ms. Hargreaves is a British language specialist from…

Donna Brady

English teacher

Donna Brady is originally from N. Ireland, where she earned a Bachelor Degree in Theology…

Christine Lee

Art Teacher

Christine comes from South Korea. She is a professional artist who completed a BA in…