Fitore Beci

General Director

A native of Tirana, she has devoted her career of 27 years to the facilitation, development and delivery of language programs. Mrs. Beci comes from a long line of teachers, and began her career teaching Italian at the university level and providing translation services. She then spent more than 20 years teaching Albanian for foreigners residing in Albania. “Teaching, writing, editing, and translating runs in my family. My grandparents were teachers in some of the first Albanian schools, my parents, too. Even my in-laws were teachers and school-text writers. It’s what we do best!”

Kimberly Ann Nath

English Teacher

Kimberly Nath is an American who started working at Tirana Training Center this school year. Before moving to Albania, Kimberly traveled the world before settling in Warsaw, Poland for a year where she taught private English lessons to Polish adolescents and adults.

Kimberly’s experience includes working directly with adolescents in specialized schools, residential treatment facilities, and correctional education settings. This experience includes special education teaching, forensic case management, mental health and substance abuse counseling, crisis intervention, and court liaison work.

Kimberly loves working at Tirana Training Center as she is able to combine her two passions; working with children whilst exploring new foreign countries. Kimberly’s educational training includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Kent State University and a Master of Science in Criminology from University College London.

Susan Delacroix

English Teacher

Miss Delacroix, as her young students know her, admits to having done just about it all. A CELTA graduate with an MA in curriculum design and development, she is accomplished in leading traditional academic and conversation classes. She has also facilitated TOEFL and IELTS test preparation, taught French & Spanish, and developed & delivered courses of English for special purposes, e.g., for medical, dental, and business students. Having worked in West Africa, Central America, and the Middle East, she came to Albania in 2014. “I love sharing what I know, and helping learners of any age improve their ability to communicate effectively in English. Albanians are wonderful people and terrific students. I am blessed to be living in Tirana and working with TTC.”

Adam Smith

Teacher of General English, IELTS, GMAT, and Math courses in English

Mr. Smith has been teaching at Tirana Training Center for three years, following his Bachelor of Science studies in Mathematics from Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK. He is TEFL certified, and facilitates courses in general English for children and adults, adult conversation, and IELTS preparation. Adam is well-known for his seriousness at work, his warm, approachable manner, and for building strong relationships with his students.

Sam Abulibdeh

Business English Professional

Sam is a corporate education trainer from Toronto, Canada, with over 7 years in the education sector. He previously held the position of Department Manager of the career center at the American University of the Middle East (AUM) in Kuwait. His most recent teaching and training experience in South Korea involved teaching corporate executives language based soft-skills and one-on-one coaching in various areas such as presentation skills, business communications and effective persuasion. He customizes his teaching programs according to his clients’ needs to ensure a maximized learning experience. Sam holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and an Executive Master Business Administration from Cass Business School at the University of London, UK, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy. Sam is positive and amicable.

Cosmo Kay

English Teacher

Mr. Cosmo started teaching English since his early age in South America. He has been teaching English for more than 6 years during his career. He traveled the world while being a teacher and followed his passion towards education. Cosmo is a polyglot and he facilitates courses in general English for children and adults.

He is also a full-time model and actor known for his love for books and knowledge. Cosmo’s experience has shown that he is capable of creating warm connection to his student and also, he has the ability to include different methodologies during his classes.

Grace Whitmore

English Teacher

Ms. Whitmore is originally from the United States where she earned her BA in International Relations as well as Psychology. She is also TEFL certified and has previously taught early year students in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently she is pursuing a Master’s of Science in Global Mental Health, a program that focuses on mental health policy and program implementation for low resource areas. Ms. Whitmore has a passion for child and adolescent mental health welfare having previously worked as Behavior Therapist for children with developmental disabilities in the States. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, photography and sports.

Matthew Mullins

English Teacher

2019 is Mr. Mullins’ first year teaching at Tirana Training Center. He is from Chattanooga, Tennessee in America. He graduated from Lee University with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Teaching. Prior to coming to TTC, he taught Kindergarten and Second grade for three years. He’s only been in Albania for a couple of months, “but he’s beginning to feel like it’s home”.

Tabea Behnke

German Teacher

Tabea has finished her BA in intercultural studies at the European Theological Seminar, in Kniebis, Germany. She has been living in Tirana for more than 3 years and during this period she has been fully engaged in teaching German language courses for children and adults. But her teaching experience includes assignments beyond Albania, in India, Israel and Ukraine.Teaching is one of her passions, as well as working with people from different nations. Tabea is hard-working, serious, and patient.

Lisena Gjini

Admin Assistant

Lisena joined the TTC staff as an administrative assistant in the spring of 2017, to the success of our first season of American Summer Camp. A full time university student, she is majoring in the English language. Here at TTC, she works in billing and customer service. Lisena is professional, alert and trustworthy. “Here we are a big family, and I enjoy working here because we all cooperate with each other.” We love having you here, too, Lisena!

Erla Kruja

Admin Assistant

Erla has been with TTC from its very beginnings, and is the school’s lead administrative Assistant to the General Director. She manages all records keeping, and schedules the school calendar. In other words, Erla is the backbone of our Center. She has earned both a BA and MS in Translation and Interpretation for Russian and Spanish languages, and is currently completing a second BA in Finance and Accounting. Erla is known for her sweet and tactful temperament, as well as her love for the kids.

Edenja Beci

Assistant Manager

Edenja is a full time student majoring in Business Administration. She is contributing to the success of the TTC, her family business, by performing tasks in organization, coordination, supervision, and communication. Edenja is energetic, communicative, passionate and creative.

Staff Through Years

Patricia R. Love

Teacher of Academic English

Ms. Love is a career educator from Bay Village, Ohio, USA. She is a Fulbright Scholar who completed a BA in Humanities from Hiram College; an MA in English, with a concentration in writing, from Cleveland State University, and a Juris Doctoral program from Cleveland Marshall College of Law. Ms. Love is TEFL certified, and has taught academic English, literature, writing, corporate and legal English at universities, major corporations, and language centers in eleven countries throughout her 24-year teaching career. At TTC, she specializes in GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS test coaching, and absolutely adores working with young children. Patricia is a committed and valuable member of our staff.

Alison Kotroci

English teacher

Mrs. Kotroci is originally from England, and holds a BSc in Geology and Geophysics from Durham University, and a BA in Biblical and Cross-cultural studies from the Open University. Alison has been teaching English to young children for many years and enjoys working with them. She has also taught teenagers and adults. A twenty-year resident of Albania, she is fluent in Albanian. She joined TTC this year and is demonstrating high responsibility, correctness and professionalism, and we are proud to have her on board!

Kathryn Hargreaves

English and French teacher

Ms. Hargreaves is a British language specialist from the north of England. She speaks English, French, Italian, conversational Spanish and is currently learning Albanian. She has been a teacher in England and France for over 15 years, working mostly in public high schools.

Her passions are: travel, the arts, languages and literature, philosophy, tourism, debate and public speaking. “I have just moved to Tirana and I am very happy to be part of the team here at TTC

Donna Brady

English teacher

Donna Brady is originally from N. Ireland, where she earned a Bachelor Degree in Theology. She has lived in Albania for twenty four years, teaching English to Albanian students, especially kids. Donna has also trained classes of both foreign and Albanian children in drama and dance, who have performed at the Academy of Arts and The Opera House in Tirana. In addition to teaching, Donna is the executive director of a charity which supports, educates and provides healthcare for Albanian children. She also has experience in summer camp organization. Last summer, she hosted a team of American volunteers, who contributed towards the success of TTC’s first summer camp program, for which we are very grateful.

Christine Lee

Art Teacher

Christine comes from South Korea. She is a professional artist who completed a BA in Craft Art from Seoul Women’s University and a diploma in Humanities from Eastwest College in NewZealand; an MA in Western Philosophy from Torch Trinity University in South Korea. She was working with ON art group which is a professional craft art group in Seoul. She has participated in exhibitions actively. She had many experiences teaching art to children, youth, and adults in several schools in other countries and loves to share her experiences, art skills and techniques with children